Mapping Your Strategy, Business Cases, and Home Life

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Yesterday, while checking my messages, I noticed a link to a map in the BiggerPlate gallery of MindManager maps. In it, I saw a user, msdizzy, added three dashboard maps which were pretty similar to some that I’ve posted in the past.

Take a look at these real-world examples…


Corporate Objectives & Balanced Scorecards

This map contains a branch for each major category of this organization’s balanced scorecard: Improving health, finance, service, people, and learning. The next level of the map contains an objective and an attached spreadsheet for each major objective which breaks it down into smaller objectives, measures, targets, and actions. I like this approach, especially when you’re using the embedded browser to quickly see (and update) the details for each area.


You can download load this map from BiggerPlate here.  


Build a Business Case

Want to gain support and funding for your next initiative? Here’s a template that walks you though the creation of a business case for your project idea. Quickly pull together all of your supporting information and research to build out a compelling case to move forward. Take advantage of topic notes, hyperlinks to files, attachments, embedded spreadsheets and more to paint as complete of a picture as possible.

As a best practice, I try to limit the number of main topics to about 8 topics. In this case, the project title could be incorporated into the central topic. For example, you could rename it to be "Business Case: Project XYX". This elminates the need to click into the project title to see which project we’re actually proposing a case for.

You can download load this map from BiggerPlate here.  


Home Dashboard

At times, it seems as if our lives get more complicated over time instead of simpler. Here’s a great way to stay on top of your home life by creating a dashboard to have all of your personal account information easily accessible. You can add branches to input all of your detailed information or utilize the topic notes. Also, you can see that there are links to other maps and sites. These days, many of our home accounts are available online. Add their links and update your accounts (e.g. pay your bills) directly from your dashboard.

You can download load this map from BiggerPlate here.  

Many thanks again to msdizzy for sharing her maps & the BiggerPlate team for sharing them with the world!

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